General Questions

What is a Zodist Box?

Zodist Box is a box of curated e-liquids that are used to vape in vaping units. These e-liquids are meant only for use in vaping units and not in any other way. A Zodist Box that is delivered to your house will contain 2 x 15 mL and 1 x 30 mL bottles of e-liquids. We gather the best e-liquids from all over the world and select the best for you every single month. We can promise that almost no two box will ever be the same. We aren’t incentivized by moving inventory like most retailers, but rather delivering an awesome product to you that we are sure you will love.

What accessories will we get?

At this time, we will not be offering accessory. We wanted to focus primarily on delivering really great juices before exploring other options.

What juices will we get?

We intend on adding more future partners before we send out our first order. They must perform and deliver to a high standard, including quality control, consistency and a good standing with our community. We also send out more information on flavor profiling as we continue our development of our algorithm.

I’m still so confused and I have so many questions about Vaping!

We understand. Luckily there are an amazing amount of resources available. You can always ask us, and you can also find wonderful information in the e-cigarette forums that are available. We highly recommend: ECF and Nu-vapor. Make an account and join in the discussion or just browse the forums! They are full of the wonderful community that makes the vaping community the best ever! And call/email us anytime, and we’ll do our best to try to get you vaping happily!

Here are some links to trusted guides and information:

How much does a Zodist Box cost?

A. The $39.99 box contains at least 60 mL of eliquids with either 4 x 15 mL bottles or 2 x 15 mL bottle and 1 x 30 mL bottle.

B. The $29.99 box contains at least 45 mL of eliquids with 3 x 15 mL bottles

C. The $24.99 box contains at least 30 mL of eliquids with 2 x 15 mL bottles

How do I get my Zodist Box?

You can order now! Click “Get Started” and take your flavor profile quiz. We do a little bit of magic and calculate your flavor profile. Then you simply add your address, and form of payment and we send a box to you.

What’s the best way to store my E-Juice?

Cool and dark. If storing for more than 2 weeks, refrigeration is a good idea. Please don’t freeze. Shake just before using.

What if I made a mistake in my order or shipping address?

You can view your account information and correct the changes. If you run into any error, please contact us at Please do note that if you change your address after the ship date, it may be difficult for us to change the address, but we will do everything we can to make sure your box is delivered to your home.

What ingredients do we use in our juices?

That is dependent on each juice creator and how they create it. You will be receiving a card in each box with the description of each juice, which vendor it is from, what ingredients are in it, along with a bunch of other good stuff.

Do you ship internationally?

No, this product is currently only limited to the United States due to legal aspects that we will be exploring later on.

Does the price include sales tax and shipping?

The price at checkout includes sales tax and shipping for U.S. customers only.

What is your policy on refunds?

If you decide to cancel your pre-order, we will refund you up to the point of right before shipping out your first order. Once we’ve shipped out your box, we will cancel your order for the next month. Please contact us at using the same email you registered with.

Are you hiring?

Please send your resume and a quick blurb on how you think you can make an impact at Zodist, email

How can I be notified about new features?

Please follow Zodist on Twitter (@hellozodist) or like us on Facebook for updates on new features.